Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions for Industrial and Automotive Power Tools


We maintain a comprehensive inventory of products — from pneumatic tools to fabrication tools — but there are times where the job needs a very specific, unique tool. In those instances, we are able to build custom solutions for customers. The following are a few examples of the tailored solutions we have created:

We are behind each design, working in conjunction with our customers to fully understand what they need and make sure it is brought to life. We create two- and three-dimensional designs and keep full documentation to ensure efficient operations and communications throughout the whole process.

  • Automated assembly machines to improve production
    • Error-Proofing
    • Multiple-spindle tools
  • Turnkey installation and turnkey integration services
  • Custom accessories
    • Socket trays
    • Swivel bails
    • Torque tubes
    • Torque arms

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